Innovation, technology and research are the key words that over the years have allowed Sarom to excel in the production of cement products for railways, telecommunications, roads and highways. The company has been producing prefabricated elements for the protection of electrical and telephone cables for companies such as RFI (Italian railway network), Telecom, Enel and many others for over seventy years. Sarom has always been certified by RFI as an approved manufacturer of channels for the protection of normal and high speed cables; it is also equipped with an accredited certified internal laboratory for testing the manufactured products, and finally the entire Sarom establishment is certified by the Ministry of Public Works as a facility’s producer for manufactured goods.


Sarom creates prefabricated manufactures in reinforced concrete platforms for railway lines, underground lines and tramways.

Manufatti per ferrovie


Sarom produces concrete products for the most important infrastructure projects carried out in Italy, from high-speed lines to metropolitan ones, collaborating closely to improve the development and research that bring Sarom a landmark for operators in this segment.

Alta velocità


Reinforced concrete solutions specific for telecommunications infrastructures, in particular for cables and fiber optic networks. Realized under the recommendation of the most important Italian and foreign telecommunications companies.



Reliability and resistance are essential requirements in areas of transit that are strongly and frequently stressed. Sarom prefabricated units guarantee maximum reliability in every situation and location.



We produce, on request, special items to meet all needs of our customers. Sarom's special concrete products are made for building sites that require customized concrete products. Starting from this a series of patents come to life: such as the modular units, the multi-pipes and the anti-burglary channel against copper theft.

pezzi speciali