SAROM identifies itself in the desire of creating products that are a real synonymous with innovation, quality and safety. A responsible and careful production that aims to improve the quality of both public and private life; from products dedicated to infrastructures, to those designed for the garden, the house and domestic heating.


Who we are

Sarom is a leading Italian company in concrete products. A passion born in 1945, that thanks to the development, its large capacity of industrial production, the high quality of the raw materials used, the wide range of models offered, has gained a leadership by exporting its products all over the world.



Sarom’s production plant is provided with advanced and constantly updated technologies, thanks to a computerized equipment for concreting and high-tech production machinery. The large external storage area allows an easy and safe handling of all products for their loading and transport. The laboratory is equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment and testing instruments and is able to ensure the most rigorous quality controls on the materials used and on the concrete.



Sarom is constantly engaged in a process of innovation to create concrete products to meet the needs of modern building. Our company wants to think of the Quality as a set of elements that create the product, respecting the ENVIRONMENT and SAFETY. Environment not only as a reduction of emissions, but as an intuitive push for the design and development of items intended for its preservation: the selection of raw materials and the creation of long-lasting artifacts is essential to achieve this goal.

Safety, environment and eco-sustainability thus become fundamental parameters for and of the Quality. Certainly it is difficult to think of recycling concrete products. However, eco-sustainability can be pursued with the policy of well producing goods so that they lasts over time, avoiding them to be subjected to maintenance or replacement, with a consequent waste of resources.


Made in Italy

We produce high quality and long-lasting concrete products thanks to the Made in Italy artisan and industrial experience. Our headquarters and production facilities are located in the Italian territory, guaranteeing a high degree of safety and certifications. All the materials used for our production are preferentially of Italian origin, they are carefully selected to guarantee maximum safety and excellent product performance.


Research and development

Innovations are the basis of our profitable growth in the future and are the essence of our competitiveness. The continuous technological research, a technical office with highly specialized personnel and the quality of the products and materials used, allow Sarom to present itself as a reliable partner in the design and production of concrete solutions. The Research and Development structure is always able to formulate new proposals, often anticipating market demands and supporting design studies in the search for the best solutions to project needs.