Sarom Fuoco has been the Sarom Spa brand since 1990, used to enclose the large family of products dedicated to the world of heat, both for the exterior and for the interior heating. Thanks to its large capacity of industrial production (over 200,000 items), and the wide range of models offered (more than 90 items), Sarom today has gained a leadership position as supplier for the most important groups of the European DIY Market. Our Barbecue range boasts a very wide range of items, including kitchens and wood-fired pizza ovens. Functional products and solutions accessible to all. Design and continuous research have led us to develop important building materials, such as the Micronit and the Safe Grill, which are used throughout our products range.


Sarom Fuoco offers a wide range of concrete and metal barbecues, which encounter any need and situation. Among our products there are charcoal-powered, wood-fired barbecues and now also Pellets solutions, in order to allow you to find the BBQ that best suits your culinary habits and lifestyle.



From the experience gained over all those years in the production of masonry ovens, Sarom Fuoco has developed a new range of metal wood-fired ovens with an innovative and fresh design, both for direct and indirect cooking. A particular attention is paid for direct cooking’s ovens, as they can reach a high temperature in a few minutes, thanks to their internal structure.



Sarom Fuoco also recommend a variety of modular concrete kitchens with different modules to be combined together, such as the BBQ, the oven, the sink top, the gas top and much more! Tops are handmade; this gives a smoother and more refined surface and allows to have increasingly thinner tops.

Cucine BBQ


Sarom Fuoco has developed a range of reliable and efficient pellet heating products. Stoves are equipped with all certifications for the various countries of the European Union, and are produced with high quality components and high technology. Studied and designed by designers and qualified technicians who have developed 100% recyclable finishes and coatings.

Stufe a pellet